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Adaptation Review: Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why

Aha so now we enter controversial territory. I’m doing this review as part of the blog challenge for the Summer Bibib, which is to write a book review. Technically, I’m doing an adaptation review but I’ve been meaning to do this review anyway so I thought I’d just force it into this challenge. I’ll also review a bit of the book so maybe it counts? Anyway.

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Adaptation Review: The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is about an alcoholic woman who witnesses something out of the window of a train and finds herself entangled in a mysterious web of lies and deceit, not exactly unwillingly. It’s based on a supposed best-selling novel but if you saw my post about my¬†Most Disappointing Books of 2016, you’ll know that I didn’t really think much of the book. I wasn’t really planning on watching this movie after I missed it in the theaters but then I saw Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast and I just had to see more of his work. So that was basically my sole reason for watching this movie haha.

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