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T5W: Children’s Books to Read as an Adult

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday is about the children’s books that would be great to revisit as an adult. To be honest, I struggled to come up with this list because when I was a kid, I read a lot of serials like Enid Blyton, The Babysitters Club, and all the Mary-Kate & Ashley books. They’re like series except that there are waaaaay more books and you don’t really have to read them in order. I didn’t really venture out much from these types of books because there were already so many so there wasn’t really any need to. I don’t think that these books would be all that interesting to read as an adult though. It’s kinda sad that I missed out on a lot of children’s classics so I’ve decided to split my list up into books I have read and books that I would like to read as an adult but haven’t yet, just like how I did for the romance novels in a previous T5W. I know, I’m just totally making up my own rules here but what can you do.

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The Greatest Showman Book Tag

So anyone who has been my Facebook friend in 2018 would know just how obsessed I am with The Greatest Showman so imagine my utter delight when I found out there was a book tag for it! The Greatest Showman is such an incredible musical and the music is exactly my kind of style. I honestly haven’t been listening to anything else for the entirety of 2018 other than this soundtrack and the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack, and that’s only because it’s written by the same guys. I’ve been listening to it for two months straight and I’m still not bored of it. Anyway, this tag was created by Irish Reader and the tag is based on the songs from the musical. I’m super excited so let’s go!

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February 2018 Wrap-Up

February hasn’t been the best reading month for me. I just barely managed to read all the books on my TBR and I didn’t read anymore than that. I guess that’s because February is a pretty short month, plus I’ve also been pretty busy. I also felt like it was just an okay month in terms of the quality of the books I read, although my average rating was 4 stars, which is actually not that bad and is the same as last month. I don’t remember feeling particularly impressed by any particular book though. On that note, on to the wrap-up!

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March 2018 TBR

Man, the year is just flying by isn’t it? I can’t believe we’re already in March! Today, I bring to you the books I hope to read in March. It’s quite ambitious because I’m hoping to reread an entire series, on top of the 5 books I usually have on my TBR that fit my various challenges. March is also going to be a pretty busy month as the semester starts to wrap up so I have no idea why I’m doing this to myself, but here we go anyway.

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T5W: Favorite Romance Novels

So today’s topic for Top 5 Wednesday is Favorite Romance Novels. Unfortunately, I don’t read much romance, or at least books which are purely romance stories. I definitely read a lot of books with romance in it, but I don’t typically like books which focus on romance alone. It’s not really enough to get me interested to read the whole book. There are a couple of romance novels that I like but I definitely don’t have 5. So what I thought I’d do instead is to share with you the two purely romance novels that I actually do like, and 3 that are on my TBR. Although I’m not typically a fan of the romance genre, there have been some that have caught my interest and that I’ve added to my TBR so I thought I’d share those. I know I’m breaking the rules but eh, what can you do. Let’s start with the two romance novels I actually did like.

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Booktube’s Top 10 Books of 2017

It’s time for my absolute favorite post to make every year! This is where I share with you Booktube’s Top 10 Books of 2017 based on the 30 booktubers I subscribe to and their 2017 favorites list. Although I’m a blogger myself, I get all my recommendations from Booktube so I’ve been hearing about these books all year. This post is always super fun to make but also super time-consuming and complicated because I need to watch all the videos and figure out how to write an excel code that can take into account rankings and the number of books each booktuber talks about. But anyway, I think it’s always fun to see what are the most hyped books of the year and to see whether I myself would be interested in reading them. So without further ado, here we go!

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OTP Book Tag

Since today is Valentine’s Day and I’m single af, I thought I would do the OTP Book Tag because honestly, I live my love life through fictional couples anyway so I think this is absolutely the perfect time to do this tag. For people who have never had the joy of experiencing the ups and downs that come with being invested in fictional people’s love lives and have no idea what I’m talking about, OTP stands for One True Pairing (although many of us have upwards of 20 OTPs anyway) and shipping is a thing you do when you so desperately want two people to be together. I can no longer find the original person who created this tag but just know that I didn’t create this myself and this tag has been floating around the Internet for a long time now. Although this is technically a book tag, most of my answers are going to be couples from TV shows and movies because I find that I get more easily invested in TV show and movie couples than in book couples. I think it helps when I’m able to visualize the people. Anyway, on to the tag, where I showcase just how much I invest in fictional people.

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